Now the midwife helps the new mother to breastfeed the baby (Early suctioning is very important for the arrival of milk), checks her pulse, blood pressure and blood loss. Thereafter, the mother is accompanied in the Obstetrics Department and the baby is entrusted to a Baby Care Nurse.

The stay in the hospital of the woman and the child will be of approximately 3-4 days.

The puerperium is the period that goes from childbirth to the recovery of the ovarian activity. During this period, the woman, for the first 5-6 days, has a loss of blood called hematic lochiac flow, the flow will change gradually, becoming first serous-hematic and then only serous.

The new mother should watch out for haemorrhagic blood losses or particularly odorous ones or fever (place the thermometer near the groin) and contact the gynaecologist if necessary.

The annoying relaxation of the abdominal muscles will reduce gradually and the uterine volume will recover its original dimensions, prior to pregnancy, after about 6-7 weeks. The first menstruation after childbirth will take place after 7-8 weeks. Remember, however, that the longer the breast-feeding, the more this menstruation period will it be delayed

Lactation is not a 100% effective contraception.



Simple hygiene rules to follow after childbirth.

Immediately after returning home it is recommended to take a relaxing shower, not too hot, shampooing the hair and accurately cleansing the genitals with boiled water or a simple intimate cleanser.


If there are stitches it is recommended to frequently wash the are with boiled water and diluted household bleach (1 tablespoon in 1 litre of water).

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