There are no aspects of a woman's health which are subjects of controversy and confusion like menopause and its treatment. The same fact of using the term “treatment” makes us think that menopause it's a disease and that it requires a proper medical intervention, a doctor's advice and drug presctiption.

The medicalization of menopause led to the development of an ever-increasing and flourishing industry that produces drugs, books and nutritional supplements. Before we believe well-studied commercials that shows us hormones oozing out of 50-yeard-old people, we should ask some questions to ourselves and our entrusted doctor.

The discomfort we feel before a change in our periods occurs and the typical symptoms are triggered, is sign of great changes in the hormone patterns. Do you remember the time before your pubery? For a certain amount of time you experienced physical and pshychological upheavals, but soon you body adapted to these changes and was ready to start this new stage of existence.

It needs to be said that society want us to stay always the same, to “produce constantly”, woe betide if we stop and slow down. But instead, we gradually notice the presence of internal signals which prevent us from continuing our normal routine. Needless to say, it is very important to understand what our body and mind are saying.

It often happens that we notice the mistakes we are making and the chances we are taking by having bad eating habits, not respecting our most deep psychological and physical needs.

We end up being nervous, cranky, always tired, hungry, hot and sweaty and we blame it on the menopause.

Menopause is not a mistery or the beginning of the end, on the contrary it is a new beginning, just like fertility is not synonym of womanliness.

Besides, if we are experiencing discomfort we must not suffer in silence, we should be kind with ourselves and let our instinct be our guide.

Natural medicine has much to offer, and it can provide us a lot of natural remedies to reduce the most annoying symptoms, and hormone replacement therapy can be uses as our last option.

What you need is to have with your doctor a relationship based on trust and open dialogue.

The years following menopause may be fullfilling and stimulating, provided that we treat our personal experiences as a treasure and we learn, grow and appreciate the fact that we can speak freely of our physical and mental health.

The purpose of this experience is to take our life back, a life that passed all the tests of time and was conquered with our strenght.

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